About Us

Cincinnati Frontrunners & Frontwalkers

Cincinnati Frontrunners and Frontwalkers meet three times a week for non-competitive social runs.  The club includes runners and walkers at all levels; people who run a few times a week but not terrifically far or fast, and people who log many miles a week and compete regularly in 5ks, 10ks and marathons.  Some still run/walk in light to moderate rain.

We’re casual and friendly.  All are welcome, please join us!  New runners and walkers are welcome to just show-up at the weekly runs/walks.  No need to contact us unless you have questions.

We have a modest initial membership fee of five dollars.  Currently, most funding is generated through special event activities. You need not join immediately, come try us out.  

Cincinnati Frontrunners is affiliated with the International Frontrunners.  Below is the history of the Frontrunners as explained by the Fort Lauderdale chapter.

Back in 1974, “Lavender U” was formed in San Francisco to provide a setting for gays and lesbians to participate in track and field events, especially running.


Also in 1974, The Front Runner, by Patricia Nell Warren was published.  This was a ground breaking novel about homosexual love in the sports world.  It is a love story about a coach and his star runner.


In honor of this book, the name “Lavender U” was changed to “San Francisco Front Runners.”  With that first running club in San Francisco, other larger cities started to form gay running clubs.  Over the years, Front Runner clubs have formed across the United States, Canada, Europe, Australia, South Africa, Japan, and the Middle East.

We are on Facebook ( ) as a closed group.  The group is closed for everyone’s privacy.  Members may ask for admittance at an event or electronically (see Contact Us page).